A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on July 31, 2011 at 4:27 am

  • The outside temperature here has dropped 25 degrees in the last 20 minutes. This could get interesting. #
  • Just about to go to bed when Packet mews politely and jumps onto my lap for a skritch. 45 minutes of purring later, he's satisfied. G'night. #
  • When he says "fair share," drink. #ObamaDrinkingGame #
  • Fresh baked bread cooling in the kitchen, steak on the counter coming up to room temperature… dinner is going to be good tonight. #
  • At some point today/tomorrow I'm tearing down & rebuilding my home network (w/ a *big* new UPS) but I'm oddly reluctant to begin. #
  • Office rebuild about halfway done. Wheeee. #
  • It… lives…. #
  • I don't have any OFFline friends. #redeye #
  • Crapcrapcrap… neuropathy… crapcrapcrap…. #
  • This is becoming one of those nights when I won't sleep until I pass out exhausted. Serious neuropathy pain. Extra dose of meds. #
  • On the plus side, Packet is here keeping me company. #
  • One new feature of my reorganized desk/network: more room for cats to get in my face. Whether this is good or not remains to be seen. #
  • Who's this "Vido" guy I keep hearing Obama's people talk about? Are they all mobbed up? #snark #
  • Received the latest shipment of my medications. 14 bottles of pills. I could go into the pharmacy business. #
  • Here's an idea: if you've already collected more in SocSec than you paid in, you take a (small) cut. Oh, and kill the EPA & Dep't of Ed. #
  • The Partridge Family #2Extreme4HarryReid #toometal #
  • 102 degrees here in Apex. But at least it's a dry heat… oh… no, wait… it isn't a dry heat at all. Quite the opposite. #
  • Fabio is looking pretty good, for a 75-year-old. #redeye #
  • I had the strangest dream last night. Sort of a combination of "Jurassic Park" and "The 'Burbs." #


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