Sunday Night Silliness

| March 3, 2013

If you watch this video, a few questions may occur to you: Pirates? On bicycles? In space? Are those really the Power Rangers? And last but most certainly not least: What the hell is wrong with people in Japan? Just watch and see if I’m not right. For the record: I actually like the song. […]

History you should know: the Battle of Wizna, 1939

| February 21, 2013

I’ve previously noted my (admittedly self-described, perhaps immodestly so*) extensive base of knowledge regarding military history in general, and World War 2 in particular. So it is, if not exactly unusual, then at least an occasion of some interest for me to run across information that leaves me wondering why I didn’t already know more […]

Watashi o tanoshima seru*

| February 8, 2013

I revealed my not-exactly-secret-but-not-previously-bruited-about taste for anime a couple of months ago. By “anime” I very specifically exclude garbage that people think of as anime, but isn’t — crap like “Transformers” and so on. Kiddie cartoons. Feh. Now, there are kiddie cartoons that can be classed as anime — Gigantor, Speed Racer, etc. — that’s […]

A/V Hell

| November 1, 2012

It’s only taken me approximately forever, but I have finally achieved Nerdvana: my home theater and peripherals are all working the way I want. The components: TV A/V receiver + speakers (5.1) Blu-Ray player DVD changer DVD player X-Box PC (as a file server for videos & mp3s) And, of course, enough cables to set […]

Musical Interlude, J-Pop Edition

| October 9, 2012

Kind of a jamming pop-ish sort of number with actual eye candy (as opposed to the imaginary sort) for your viewing and listening pleasure: I don’t know anything about them other than the group name and the name of the song; too lazy to look up anything about them. And I haven’t the faintest idea […]

An almost perfect 2012 campaign theme song?

| August 24, 2012

It’s called “Take It Back” by Miracle of Sound (whose music I’ve linked before.) It’s got a made-of-awesome beat, and you could probably even dance to it. But the lyrics — which are actually about the situation the gamer faces in Mass Effect 3 — might just possibly be read an altogether different way… When […]

Soul City

| March 16, 2012

Back in the spring of 1988, at the behest of Uncle Sam, I shipped out to Korea. I spent the next 2½ years in the 2nd Infantry Division; I have a lot of memories — some bad, most good — about those years. I’ve no idea what brought this particular memory to mind…. Of my […]


| August 25, 2011

I have seriously been digging this tune since it was released last week. [You can either go here — or see the video embedded below the fold — had to be done to fix page loading issues.] It’s not just a good “game song” — it’s a good song, period. In case you missed it: […]

Life Skill

| July 23, 2011

Quite a while ago, I noted that one of those things everyone ought to be able to do (or at least ought to try) in order to be a fully rounded adult is to be able to play a musical instrument. I thought I might take a crack at either the guitar or keyboard, but […]

Another one gone.

| June 22, 2011

It is with sadness that I note the passing of one of my favorite “one hit wonders,” Andrew Gold, who died June 3rd. Pretty everyone of my generation will remember his best-known song, 1977’s Lonely Boy. “One hit wonder” isn’t really a perfectly accurate description, though — he also penned “Thank You For Being A […]

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