Quote of the Day

| November 19, 2009

Amen and amen: Pork is God’s way of saying he also loves Gentiles. Tools of Renewal‘s Steve Graham, via his Twitter feed.

Best of both worlds

| August 11, 2008

[Click for larger.]

That time of the year

| April 8, 2008

Spring has sprung… the trees are leafy again… and apart from rain nearly every day for the last week and a half, the weather has turned nice. One problem: I have a serious pork deficiency. I sense the need for a barbecue sesson. My stomach demands it, my smoker demands it. As will my neighbors, […]


| May 28, 2007

See the bottom photo here? Double it. That’s what I pulled out of the smoker today. And, daaaaayum, it is good… even if I do say so myself. I have absolutely mastered pork. Now I have to work on my brisket skills.


| May 27, 2007

This being a holiday weekend, as well as the weekend that most closely approximates my birthday, and following on the (relatively) good medical news I had last week, there seems to be only one appropriate way to spend the day tomorrow: cooking barbecue. Of course. The meat — two large Boston butts — has been […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

| June 18, 2006

Barbecue season is finally arriving at my house. Other people have already been indulging themselves already, but I’ve been rather busy thus far in 2006. Last night when I got home from work, the pork butts went into their brine, the brisket was rubbed, and the duck checked to make sure it had fully thawed. […]

Too Much is Never Enough

| June 1, 2006

I may have to rethink my dislike of NPR, if they regularly come up with gems like this: I believe in the art of generations of pit men working in relative obscurity to keep alive the craft of slow smoking as it’s been practiced for as long as there’s been fire. A barbecue cook must […]

You Knew It Was Coming

| July 4, 2005

Hey, it’s the Fourth of July. You ought to have expected this. Seven pounds of Boston Butt (suitably brined and rubbed) in there. It’s times like this when I really feel sorry for my observant Jewish friends with their proscription against pork. I’d say it was unfair, but for the fact that when G-d speaks, […]

Smoker Day

| January 2, 2005

I was going to cook barbecue yesterday, New Year’s Day, I swear I was. But due to circumstances beyond my control, the smoker didn’t get lit. Well, OK, the circumstances were entirely within my control — I overslept, and thus didn’t get the smoker lit in the morning. A morning lighting is required to allow […]

“Now What?” They Asked

| November 9, 2004

Has it already been a week since Election Day? It hardly feels like it. It’s finally over. Now what am I supposed to do? OK, OK, I was not an “election blogger,” as such, despite my involvement with Blogs For Bush. I mainly did (and still do) the behind-the-scenes techy geeky stuff; I wrote very […]

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