Obama, the Vocabulary President

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Given the sheer volume of verbiage recently emanating from Washington DC in general and the, shall we say, unique usages coming from the White House in particular, I thought it might be helpful to have a glossary of some of the words and phrases commonly in use by the administration and on certain parts of Capitol Hill.

  • compromise – (1) verb – [when applied to Republicans] to surrender; (2) verb – [when applied to Democrats] to pretend to negotiate
  • leadverb – to provide a plan
  • plan – (1) noun – teleprompted platitudes unencumbered by specific goals or means of execution; (2) noun – specific goals and means of execution developed by Republicans and rejected by Democrats
  • taxnoun – job creating mechanism
  • revenuenoun – taxes
  • shared sacrificenoun – requirement that only half the population pay taxes
  • jetnoun – a mechanical device for leveraging higher tax rates; cf. job
  • jobnoun – an activity intended to produce tax revenue
  • millionairenoun – citizen with a non-union private sector job
  • fair sharenoun – a higher tax rate
  • spending in the tax codenoun – lower tax rates; see also racist, hate
  • hateverb – disagree
  • racist – (1) adjective – opposed to Obama or his party; (2) noun – a Republican
  • greenadjective – imaginary, e.g., green jobs
  • terroristnoun – fiscal conservative
  • patriotnoun – fiscal libertine
  • astronautnoun – hitchhiker
  • bordernoun – imaginary line across which imaginary criminals cross in one direction and real jobs cross in the other
  • healthcarenoun – Federally-funded waiting list
  • executive privilegenoun – golf outing
  • extremistnoun – a Conservative with strongly held beliefs
  • teabaggernoun – a person who, for no adequately explained reason, is somehow inferior to a teabaggee
  • letverb – watch
  • clearadjective – equivocal
  • trillionnoun – 1,000,000,000,000. [Not a new meaning. We just never heard the word every damn day before Obama.]
  • austeritynoun – [actually, this word is unknown to the current administration… but we’re all going to be familiar with it before too long.]

Please feel free to add your definitions in the comments.


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  2. William Teach says:

    Bipartisan – noun – Republicans giving in to all Democrat demands
    New Tone – noun – you Conservatives suck and should die, but, don’t you dare respond back. That’s uncivil
    Civility – noun – something only Liberals practice, you teabagging, granny killing, poor hating greedy sons of a bitches

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  4. neo says:

    Shared – Progressive. From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs.
    Sacrifice – Tax Increase.

  5. Sissy Willis says:

    Brilliant and gratifying, but you left one out:

    Balanced – adjective – Unbalanced.

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  7. MSG Grumpy says:

    Profiling – adj – When a crook (usually a democrat or community activist) is caught red handed by a member of law enforcement.

    Beer Summit – noun – An activity where a community activist tells a member of law enforcement that he will tell the world that he was wrong about the perp (big democrat donor) he caught red handed, or he can kiss his job good-bye.

    Gun – noun – a. an evil in today’s modern society when possessed by either a law abiding home owner, law abiding patriot, or law abiding gun retailer. b. Not evil when possessed by a felon, rapist, community organizer, rich democrat body guard (see Obama or Barbra Streisand) , and or drug cartels.

    Religion of Peace – noun – a. A religion that is portrayed in the main stream media as the worlds’ salvation and the only hope for peace. b. As practiced in the real world a political and social dictatorship that requires that it’s followers kill as painfully as possible any and all non-believers but especially all Jews and Americans. c. When all of the non-believers, Jews, and Americans are dead then they can start eliminating anyone who is not in the “true” sect of islam be that shite, sunni, etc within the “Religion of Peace” until only one true believer remains then they have peace, maybe.

  8. MSG Grumpy says:

    opps, forgot a big one

    Fair share – noun – an imaginary number that can only be defined as what it is not, such as all money above 250 thousand a year, or anyone who makes “a lot” of money, but not me. All republicans but not democrats regardless how much they earn.

  9. Brad says:

    Budget Cut – verb – the act of politicians spending more more than before, but less than they would like to.