Quote of the Day

| September 28, 2012

The Iranian Ayatollah receives a warm welcome upon his arrival in the Twitterverse: Brilliant. See also the Twitchy thread.

A Bit of Advice

| September 22, 2011

If Dick Cheney tells you your days are numbered, it would be wise to immediately make sure your life insurance premiums are paid up-to-date.

Quote of the Day

| September 20, 2011

Frank J. of IMAO, at the New York Post (yes, really!): Of everyone in America, the politicians in Washington, with their pointless squabbling and inept bumbling, are pretty much the last people we should ever put in charge of something as important as the economy, so everyone thought it would be hilarious to act like […]

Iconography in Action

| September 15, 2011

A couple of years ago, Bill Whittle did an Afterburner video piece on the power of iconography. Do please (re)watch the whole thing. It would appear that Obama is now in real trouble… for indeed, someone has taken Bill’s advice. Spotted outside my dentist’s office yesterday: LOL, indeed. This is the first instance I’ve seen […]

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