Posted By on July 27, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Among the very last of the reasons anyone should ever want a government job is because it is lucrative.

Although in close contention might be the rationale one of my college classmates gave when asked why she wanted a government job: “Because you can’t get fired.” Seriously, she said that out loud to a full classroom.

Head → desk.


2 Responses to “Motivations”

  1. FGW says:

    I once worked with a guy who did not comprehend why the company we worked for needed to be profitable! And said exactly that in a meeting of the entire engineering department. To be fair, he grew up in an eastern European country when it was still under communist rule. But Still?!
    Head –> Desk ?!?!

  2. Ken Mueller says:

    A long time ago we had an unwritten contract. Those who worked for the city or the state would put in their time, would not harm or hinder those who were doing the real work, at a relatively low rate of pay, guaranteed for life, oh and they didn’t have to earn a profit and thus would never be laid off or fired. Obviously, some things have changed. Maybe we should re-write this contract.