A word to Libertarians

| November 2, 2012

It’s not often that I quote myself (OK, who am I kidding, I do it all the time — just, not here… much) but in reply to a “concern troll” Libertarian commenter at Legal Insurrection I fired an off-the-cuff missive that after due consideration seems to me to be too on-point to get buried. After […]

It’s time for an Amendment

| March 27, 2012

The big news in politics this week is the round of Supreme Court oral arguments concerning the constitutionality of the Obamacare individual mandate. It seems patently obvious to me that the mandate is an overreach of legitimate congressional power, and anathema to individual liberty, but there’s no way of knowing how the Supreme Court justices […]

“My friends, there is still time to turn aside.”

| February 15, 2012

Daniel Hannan, a UK Member of the European Parliament, spoke last week at CPAC. The clarity and profundity of his elucidation of the history, evolution, and current state of conservative principles puts most American pundits to shame. It’s long, a bit over 27 minutes, but his speech is well worth hearing. Go on, you know […]

Quote of the Day

| February 8, 2012

Jeff Goldstein, on the candidacy of Rick Santorum: Santorum is known for being willing to stand up, take questions, and defend his positions intellectually. If he’s given a big platform on which to do that — say, as the GOP nominee for President, where he can speak directly to the American people — I suspect […]

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