Memorial Day

| May 28, 2012

Here we are, at the beginning — strictly unofficially, of course — of summer. Many will be spending their day off at the malls or beaches or cookouts. I don’t begrudge anyone a good time, but there should be some time set aside to remember what Memorial Day is really all about. Begun as Decoration […]

My Heroes Have Always Been Soldiers

| August 29, 2011

At Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guarded Despite Hurricane — with a couple of photos. I cannot imagine a circumstance under which the Old Guard would voluntarily give up their duty.

“Think how good the great soldiers are.”

| November 16, 2010

Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta was awarded the Medal of Honor today for actions in Afghanistan in 2007. 60 Minutes did a profile that is well worth watching in its entirety. I don’t know where we get such men, but I thank God that we do get them. (h/t Drew M.)

Happy Birthday, Jarheads

| November 10, 2010

Those of us from other services may josh about their nicknames — jarheads, devil dogs, leathernecks — but when you hear the expression esprit de corps, you can almost be sure they’re talking about the Marine Corps, which celebrates its 235th birthday today. If I had it to do all over again, I’d probably still […]

Memorial Day 2010

| May 30, 2010

I’ve not lost any close friends or family in the service of our country, so on this Memorial Day I remember the sacrifices of two men I never met. • First Lieutenant Jonathan Shine, USA (KIA October, 1970) • Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shine, USAF (MIA 1972-1996) I only know of these two men because, before […]

Milblogs Go Silent

| December 16, 2009

From John at Castle Argghhh!: On Wednesday 16 December 2009, many milblogs — including This Ain’t Hell, From My Position, Blackfive, Miss Ladybug, Boston Maggie, Grim’s Hall, Bouhammer, and those participating in the Wednesday Hero program — are going silent for the day. Some are choosing to go silent for a longer period of time. […]


| November 11, 2009

… would be a great day to donate to Project Valour-IT.

Veterans Day

| November 11, 2009

Though it’s been almost 20 years since the end of my time in uniform, I still think those were the best years of my life so far. There have been a lot of changes in the intervening years, but as the report below shows, not everything has changed since I became a civilian. To all […]

Shock and boo yah!

| December 3, 2008

Poor career choice: IED Emplacement Team.

Through an ally’s eyes

| November 25, 2008

Very interesting item about US troops, as seen by one of the French troops serving alongside them in Afghanistan: A Nos Freres d’Armes Americains. OK, OK, you might not actually read French. My apologies.* An English translation is here: American troops in Afghanistan through the eyes of a French OMLT infantryman. Here we discover America […]

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