Ta Daaa

| March 1, 2010

It seemed like a bit of a sprint to the finish line, but last night everything came together, literally and metaphorically, and I was able to complete the Black Prince in a flurry of knot-tying, rope-coiling, and loose-end-trimming. [Click to embiggen] [Click to embiggen] Disaster was averted on several occasions, and I’m sure the longer […]

The end is in sight.

| February 23, 2010

This being my first effort at shipwrightry, I think I’ve been wasting quite a bit of raw material. More rigging line ends up being trimmed off than on the model. As a result, I sort of ran out of one particular type…. You can see in the pictures that there are two colors of rigging, […]

Disaster and Recovery

| February 17, 2010

It was bound to happen. While working on the ship model a few days ago, I had to make an urgent run off to the little engineers’ room for an urgent call of nature. Being in something of a rush, I left the model unprotected. Kismet took advantage of my hurried departure, and in the […]

Ready to Rig

| February 9, 2010

I have been learning to tie knots. Teeny tiny knots. Lots of teeny tiny knots. [Click for larger] See those black dowel-like things? Those are the spars and gaffs. If I were going to put sails on this model, those are where they would be attached. Each has blocks (as in block-and-tackle) through which ropes […]


| January 19, 2010

During the hiatus I took from shipbuilding, the question often occurred to me: how do I protect my project from a cat with a test-to-destruction sense of inquisitiveness? Yes, I refer to Kismet, who gleefully gets into everything. The last thing I wanted to do was invest a lot of hours in fiddly small details […]


| January 11, 2010

One of the things I’ve tried to do over the past couple of years — since the seriousness of the Recent Neurological Unpleasantness became known — has been to simplify my life, to dispose of extra stuff (hundreds of books, for instance, have gone to the used bookstore; I’ll probably need to sell off most […]

Finishing the Hull

| April 16, 2007

The deck and bulwark planking having been finished to my satisfaction, I could finally turn to the hull exterior. First, though, I drilled and shaped the hole through which the rudder head would extend above the deck; the rudder itself had yet to be addressed by the kit instructions, but I found it in the […]

Just When You Thought The Planking Was Finished

| February 6, 2007

I’ve been model-making rather than writing. I’m horrible. So anyway…. The hull planking having been completed, I next turned my attention to the deck planking. The supplied material — .5mm x 4mm strips of something neither basswood nor walnut… maybe tanganyika wood — was a bit disappointing; the color tone was inconsistent, and the edges […]

Second Planking

| January 19, 2007

The spare basswood and walnut strips arrived from Model Expo, and were a pretty close color match to those supplied in the kit — though, being sized to imperial rather than metric measurements, the walnut was a tad thinner and a skosh wider than the original .5x4mm strips. The basswood was a pretty close match. […]

The Things You Learn….

| January 10, 2007

I discovered this evening that the cat really really likes head-butting things. Perhaps it would be best to not allow her up on the work table.

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