Lethal cuteness for the holiday.

| December 23, 2011

My all-time favorite: Luke chapter 2, verses 1-14, LOLcat Bible Version: 1 ‘Roun dis tiyem, Agustis Seezr wuz like, “I can has sensus?” 2 (‘Coz while Quirinius was Teh Boz of Syria, is invisible sensus!) 3 And all teh doodz went home for teh saying, “I iz heer!” 4 So Joseph went from Naz’reth to […]


| December 25, 2010

Black Friday probably won’t mean an end to mailbox overload, but I can hope.

| November 26, 2010

As something like an experiment, I’ve saved all the catalogs that have arrived in the mail since the beginning of the month. It seems that everyone wants me to buy something for Christmas. I guess they never heard of Father Guido Sarducci’s “Big Christmas/Little Christmas” proposal. Go on, guess which one this year is. Here’s […]

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