Mayflower: the Frame

| October 11, 2011

As promised last week, cats notwithstanding, I have here a few details of the Mamoli Mayflower project to date. Construction of the hull began with me having to shoo away one or another of the cats (usually Kismet, the stinker) while I prepared the 5mm plywood keel and bulkheads for assembly. The keel was rather […]

The Perils of Cat Ownership, as Specifically Related to the Pursuit of a Hobby

| October 3, 2011

I started, several months ago, on the construction of the Mayflower. Shortly after beginning, I was rudely interrupted by a tax audit, for which I had to clear off the work table. Once the audit was complete and the table set up again, I realized I was having rather a lot of difficulty seeing what […]