My first haiku of the political season

| September 10, 2008

First, but likely not the last. “Lipstick on a pig”Not the most apt simileSay good night, Graceless. Oh, stop whining.

Poetic Justice

| December 30, 2006

For Saddam’s hanging Meryl Yourish has haikus. Go, read, write your own.

Haiku of the Day

| October 13, 2004

Ocular oddness, like sand under my eyelid; eye-boogers galore.

Haiku for Rood

| August 22, 2004

Rood, Swifty, writes tale. Turnabout being fair play: “Not on the same boat!!!!” Let’s see how the media handle this Rood business, after being so quick to dismiss or attack the Swift Boat Vets for Truth because they weren’t on the same boat as John Kerry (despite the fact that one actually was). The biggest […]

Haiku of the Day

| August 11, 2004

“Not on the same boat,” the pundits cry. Their mission: redefine “served with.” Watching the left-side-of-the-spectrum talking heads trying to avoid going into convulsions as they attempt to spin (i.e., lie about) the Swift Boat Vets story is almost entertaining. The Swift Boat Veterans are facing (and will continue to face) vituperation, ad hominem attacks, […]

Haiku of the Day

| August 2, 2004

Like a basketball lacking any inflation no bounce for Kerry OK, OK, maybe he got a couple of points from the convention; the results are not yet clear. But so far, it’s looking like “lead balloonsville” for the DNC.

Haiku of the Day

| July 26, 2004

Democrats convene, wanting national support. “Quick — hide the moonbats!”

Haiku of the Day

| July 23, 2004

Linda Ronstadt shows her contempt for music fans. Michael Moore suck-up. Steve has a great photo for her next album cover. Yes, album, as in vinyl — I don’t think she’ll fit on a puny CD jewelcase.

Haiku of the Day

| July 13, 2004

Jerks spam my comments selling all manner of crap. Old comments are closed. I’ve implemented the Close Comments plugin. At the moment all posts older than 14 days have their comments closed, but that number will daily increase until it reaches 31 days.

Moore Haiku of the Day

| July 9, 2004

More on MoveOn moron Moore: Al-Qaeda must lose. Moore prefers alternative: well-fed dhimmitude. Visit

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