Ten years on….

Posted By on September 11, 2011 at 5:02 pm

I wasn’t going to post anything today; there’s little I could add to what others have said today or to what I’ve had to say in the past.

And, frankly, it’s a work day for me. Last night was busy, and today (so far) equally so. It’s hard to gather your thoughts when you’re elbows-deep in a router CLI.

Others have said much more, and better than I could. Just click through the linked blogs there on the left of the page and you’re likely to find something good.

Unfortunately, some people cannot display any class other than low class. That sort of “blame us/blame Bush/blame the Jews/blame anyone other than the perpetrators” garbage started immediately on 9/11, and has never stopped.

Something else that has never fully stopped is my sheer bloody-mindedness where the enemies of America are concerned. Though usually I keep it buried, on days like today I want the blood of the perpetrators of terrorism, and that of their enablers and supporters both here and abroad. I see no particular difference between the beasts that fund terrorism, the barbarians that celebrate it in the streets of Gaza and elsewhere, and the traitors at home that say we deserve it.

If there’s anything like hate in me, it is directed at them. I let it go most of the time, though this day brings it bubbling up.

Thankfully, I have a network routing issue I need to go address right now, which should calm me down. I dislike being angry, and hatefulness is not a good thing at all. But Justice… yes, righteous anger and the need for Justice are acceptable.


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