A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on September 11, 2011 at 4:27 am

  • I don't care how seriously you take it or how high the stakes: poker – even the "World Poker Tour" – is not a sport. It's a game. #
  • Right-o. After a longish night chock full of internetworking, my weekend has arrived. What shall I do with myself? Oh, yeah… flake out. #
  • It turns out Kismet is a fan of mint chip ice cream. Who would have guessed? #
  • RT @LIFECOACHERS: When bad things happen, don't look for answers; look for scapegoats. #
  • Drunk, Punch, Leave #ChrisBrownMovies #
  • Meet the Feebles (-t Excuse for a Man) #ChrisBrownMovies #
  • Beat the Girl Slowly #ChrisBrownMovies #
  • 3:10 to You Better Shut The Hell Up #ChrisBrownMovies #
  • Knocked Out #ChrisBrownMovies #
  • I cut up two unused credit cards today. Not a bad start to the week. #
  • Paging @sweasel…. // RT @gadsdenista: Good idea @wbdnewton ! Does anybody have a photoshop of Jay Carney as a weasel? #
  • TV guy said "try something new in the kitchen" so I smeared myself w/ butter & rolled around on the floor. Not sure that's what he meant. #
  • listening to "England Dan & John Ford Coley…Love is the Answer" ? http://t.co/8onMiz1 #
  • In today's "News of the Completely Expected," yeah, I'm having a really bad day, neuropathy-wise. Wish I could switch off my legs. #sux2Bme #
  • For the same reason we cheered the demise of OBL. // MT @Judgenap: Why did conservatives applaud happily at the # of prisoners killed in TX? #
  • RT @Beregond: Time for #TheFive on #FoxNews It's like #TheView for sane people. #
  • I'm now officially a year overdue for a haircut. #dirtyhippie #
  • +100 RT @IMAO_: Theoretical right-wing violence is always going to get more press than actual left-wing violence. #
  • I'd comment about Obama's speech, but I was downstairs feeding the cats and getting something into the oven. Did I miss anything? #
  • RT @KurtSchlichter: #ConservaLifeCoach You don't need to make libs cry to prove your manhood. Do it because it amuses you. #caring #
  • [sing] It's the hap- happiest time of the day… oh, no it isn't. RT @mkhammer: Welcome! RT @jeff_poor: So this is what 5 a.m. looks like… #
  • Why is it that the days I have my worst neuropathy are the days the cats decide they want to rub on my legs? #agony #
  • This is a terrific speech by President Bush at the Flight 93 Memorial dedication. #
  • Hear, hear. // RT @adamsbaldwin: GWB invokes Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Glorious! #
  • Clinton isn't doing too badly, actually. #
  • I predict the least worrisome opponent in Mass Effect 3 will be a volus husk. #ME3 #


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