Instant Message Excerpts: On Being a Network Engineer, 17

Posted By on September 1, 2012 at 6:55 pm

You can ask me to do many things, or fix the dumbest problems…

Russ(3:27:34 PM): ok, don’t disconnect from the modem – just do “show ip int brief” and paste the output here

[After almost 10 minutes without a reply….]

Russ(3:36:02 PM): well…?
Hwang(3:36:19 PM: one sec
Russ(3:36:24): sure… no prob…
Russ(3:36:41): I get paid just as much to sit here with my thumb up my butt as I do for actually fixing the problem
Russ(3:36:51): but — trust me on this — the customer would much rather have the latter

… just do not waste my time. I get snarky. Or worse.


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