Dear Iowa,

Posted By on January 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Four years ago you held caucuses, and came up with Mike “Aw-Shucks Nanny-Statist” Huckabee as your chosen winner. The only thing that kept me from going nuclear on you then was that I recognized the ease, the slickness with which Huckabee had been able to con voters throughout his career.

You have another chance tonight. You should, by this time, be a bit more savvy. Granted, the candidates amongst whom you have to choose do not make up the greatest slate that’s ever been; there’s no Ronald Reagan (or even a Calvin Coolidge) for whom you might cast a vote tonight.

Nonetheless, there are some candidates who are worth your vote, some who might not be, and one — Ron Paul — who is worth little, other than repudiation.

Don’t blow it.


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