A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on January 2, 2012 at 3:00 pm

  • Well, I made it through Christmas without coming down with a cold or anything. Can't quite say the same about Boxing Day, though. #
  • Mycah always loved Boxing Day. Here she is in 2005: http://t.co/JBgRDyhu – You may understand why I thought she was a beauty. #
  • I found out the Korean food I got was sent by my sis. I'd thank her publicly, but she's not on FB or Twitter, so instead I'll be an ingrate. #
  • Been sick (the word "projectile" was involved) since Monday. Finally starting to feel human again. #
  • NOW HEAR THIS, NOW HEAR THIS: my cats are morons. That is all. Carry on. #
  • Michelle Bachmann, after learning that her Iowa chairman defected to Ron Paul: http://t.co/XAwTGhnG #
  • Michelle Bachmann, after learning that her Iowa chairman defected to Ron Paul: http://t.co/XAwTGhnG #tcot #
  • I'm good with that, if it means we can stick him in liquid nitrogen until then. // RT @keder: Ron Paul 3012! #
  • Remember how I said I was sick earlier this week? Yeah, I seem to be having a problem with use of the past tense. #
  • Mmmm, sacred steak… // RT @thekelliejane: Truth. RT @ChrisBarnhart: Your sacred cow is guaranteed to be someone else's porterhouse. #
  • 15+ years in networking, and I'm finally senior enough to say "no" to a sales team's request and make it stick. I'll celebrate later. #
  • Whenever I hear *Doctor* Ron Paul whinging about something, I feel an an urge to curse out loud. #
  • For every news story teased before an ad break, I think "I hope beatings were involved." Can't tell if this is my usual grumpiness or not. #
  • Very good. MT @CatsPolitics: THIS RT @AnthonyBialy: They'd like USA if it could be like them. United and Altered States http://t.co/6x7TtYSS #
  • Hot soup on a cold evening: yummmm. #
  • The kittehs are very definitely *not* fans of fireworks on New Year's Eve. Or any time, really. #
  • 2011: good riddance. 2012: I'm expecting quite a lot of you. Don't let me down. #
  • #2012resolution Enhance reputation as "scary neighborhood hermit" by being seen going to the shooting range at least once. #
  • #2012resolution Refuse to fall for the old "come on, it's just one tequila" line again. Unrelated: no tattoos or piercings. #
  • #2012resolution Find and punch a Mayan. Preferably a Mayan hippie. Or just a hippie. #
  • #2012resolution More Jell-o, less sort-of-accidental poking self with fondue forks. #
  • Not necessarily a *good* one, though. // RT @tinastullracing: Why is it when you run into a spider web, you suddenly turn into a ninja? #
  • Sorry, Cooking Channel people, but I did not make it to the top of the food chain so I could eat grasshoppers. Not gonna happen. #


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