:: BREAKING: MUST CREDIT THUS SPAKE RUSS :: Veep Biden: “It’s a Cookbook!”

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Veep Biden: “It’s a Cookbook!”

15 August 2012

Vice President Joe Biden was hustled off the stage while delivering remarks today at a campaign event at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia.

The campaign stop was proceeding normally until the Veep began discussing GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget. “It’s a cookbook,” the Vice President was heard to say while waving a copy of the document over his head.

Thunderous applause from the audience of government workers, members of the press corps, and Teachers Union employees punctuated the VP’s ramblings as he was forcibly escorted off the speakers’ platform by Secret Service agents and campaign staffers.

Signs of unusual behavior in the Vice President have been noted this year when the increasingly erratic Biden began affecting immigrant accents, losing awareness of his location, and imitating Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The “gaffe problem” has caused speculation that Biden might be replaced on the Democrat presidential ticket with a more stable candidate for the nation’s #2 spot. “Maybe someone like a James Traficant,” suggested one anonymous DNC staffer.

Republican critics of the Vice President were almost uniformly harsh in their reviews of Biden’s remarks.

When asked for comment, former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani remarked “that’s just Joe being Joe.”

The Vice President’s press office was unavailable for comment, but can be assumed to be blaming the GOPs’ campaign of division, anger and hate.


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