A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on August 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Last week I was limited to pureed food. I was unhappy until I realized: pâté counts as pureed. This week: soft food (scrambled eggs, etc.) #
  • The last movie I saw at a drive-in: the original Red Dawn. It had nothing to do with commie dishwashing detergent. #
  • I suspect if I go see the new Red Dawn, I'll spend half the movie trying to suss out the Nork dialog. #
  • Had a tickle in the back of my throat; now it's more like an icepick whenever I swallow. I suspect I'm gonna be sick this week. #
  • So, whatever happened to Dominique de Villepain? Has he maybe changed his name to something more masculine, like perhaps "Francois Leotard?" #
  • Despite a snootful of meds, the icepick in the back of my throat remains as it was last night. Gonna try more sleep. Can't hurt, I guess. #
  • Once, just once, I want to see one of those "honey, I think there's a burglar" ads end with a gunshot and a bleeding perp on the floor. #
  • Throat still kinda shot. I sound like a croaking frog… and by "croaking," I mean it in the colloquial sense of "dying." #
  • Ford reveals one-off 850hp Shelby – BBC Top Gear http://t.co/mVF4beuv via @BBC_Topgear #
  • I heard some tool on the radio say it's easier to buy a gun than a car. Remember the FBI background check they did when you bought your car? #


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