A Week (or so) of Tweets

Posted By on November 26, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • RT @YourAbreaction: I've know too many River Song's, I need an Amy Pond. ->
  • My most re-tweeted and favorited tweet thus far:
    [tweet https://twitter.com/RussEmerson/status/271127779196694529]

  • Sad but true. I stand anyway. / MT @Aspen411: it's hard to #IStandWithIsrael when our idiot #CowardInChief hates them!! ???? ->
  • RT @isfullofcrap: Hamas TV proclaims "God willing, we will soon see black body bags." Yes, Hamas, hopefully you will see the insides of … ->
  • Why am I still awake? Sominex, take me awaaaaaaay…. ->
  • Damn. Lost a contact lens. Well, not so much "lost" as "it made a break for freedom and fell to its death." ->
  • Achy Breaky Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Every Turkey Wants To Rule the World #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Pump Up The Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Enter Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Sympathy for the Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey #Ihavenone ->
  • (Whiskey For My Men) Beer For Our Turkeys #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Turkeythumping #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Still Haven't Found the Turkey I'm Looking For #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • I Don't Want To Miss A Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Heat of the Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Let the Turkey Run #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Mad Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Turkeys on Film #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Turkey in the Wind #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • The Logical Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Unchained Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Lovin', Touchin', Turkey #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Turkey, F*** Yeah #ReplaceSongTitlesWithTurkey ->
  • Spending my Thanksgiving on-call for work. So at least I'm not pinned to my desk. ->
  • RT @Ninjababe: What I love about this time of year? Pumpkin pie for breakfast. ->
  • I probably ought to think about cable management before I upgrade my home office, rather than treating it as an afterthought. ->
  • RT @NathanFillion: Retweet! Nathan Fillion #dramatictvactor #peopleschoice ->
  • The funny thing about the Jets score is that the Pats actually scored two of those points. ->
  • My day of being on call for work is over – now I get a 10-day break. Yee-ha. ->
  • Black Friday has barely begun, and I've already blown the budget without even leaving the house. ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Little-known facts about Russ – http://t.co/WAvVtUkt ->
  • Watching a documentary on the Chosin Reservoir… takes me back, and makes me glad I never had to go thru that kind of hell. ->
  • 36 degrees out… doesn't feel much warmer *in*. Currently hoping there's room in my sweatshirt for my space heater. ->
  • OK, now that I'm fully awake and I don't have to work tonight… what am I supposed to do with myself? ->
  • Right-o. "Wasting time on the internet" it is. ->


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