A Week of Tweets

Posted By on May 13, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • Thunder, boom. Rain, splash. ->
  • Today is Kitteh Attention Day. Plenty of snuggles, belleh rubz, noms, playing, and nose boops. In other words, a very good day indeed. ->
  • RT @CuffyMeh: All I know is these #Benghazi whistle blowers had better not make a shitty YouTube video. ->
  • Dick Harpootlian is proof that, Southern a upbringing with grace and manners notwithstanding, being a leftist can make you a Dick. ->
  • RT @TheNardvark: Before Walmart existed, where did overweight families in Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirts go to practice yelling each othe… ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: It's Spock (@TheRealNimoy) vs. Spock (@ZacharyQuinto) in the greatest commercial ever filmed! http://t.co/SJSnjvS1MR ->
  • RT @PoliticsOfFear: In Japan, #RedEye is called “Super Libertarian Force Team 7 Go!” It’s on right after Tiger & Bunny. ->
  • RT @Doc_0: Hey, media, while you were sleeping, a whistleblower testified that Hillary's freaking chief of staff called him to arrange a co… ->
  • RT @Doc_0: If the media WAS covering these hearings, behavior of Dems would be almost as damaging as the testimony. ->
  • This Cleveland hostage thing makes me hope/pray for a happy ending in the case of @michellemalkin 's missing cousin. http://t.co/3ERa68PgBM ->
  • MT @iowahawkblog: If you need latest Jodie Arias trial updates, go out in the garage and listen to it on the radio. With the engine running. ->
  • RT @gabrielmalor: If a Republican had said "Death is a part of life" at Newtown hearing, crows would be picking apart his disembowled corps… ->
  • RT @Doc_0: WH spox says changes to Benghazi talking points were "stylistic." Yes, I believe that style is called "lying." ->
  • RT @jimgeraghty: If you don't believe that today's testimony points to a cover-up, I'd really like to know what you would need to see to be… ->
  • RT @AceofSpadesHQ: as I just said to @nicksearcy: "There is never any escape from the prison of one's own genius." ->
  • These "Lifestyle Lift" ads seriously creep me out. The pasted-on smiles… (shudder.) And whatever happened to aging gracefully? ->
  • .@Tweetdeck Remove FB cross-post capability? Seriously? Are you effing nuts? Time to look for another app. ->
  • .@sallykohn The lies were to cover up the admin's total incompetence during an election season. More important to get reelected. #Benghazi ->
  • "Shill… I mean *Sally* Kohn fails to realize or admit that the lies were meant to cover up the…" — Russ Emerson http://t.co/kHYJPpOxYv ->
  • This week is "Ethics Week" at work. In honor thereof, I have postponed my massive theft of printer toner until next week. ->
  • RT @prodigalsam: It’s like squirrels have no idea how incredible they’d be at parkour. ->
  • It bothers me a bit that I already know exactly what I would do, and to who, if I ever wanted to be sent to Club Fed for cyber terrorism. ->
  • I'm pretty sure I don't need a Celebrex ad to know I should get help if I experience swelling of my face or throat. That's kind of a given. ->
  • RT @iowahawkblog: #IRS First they came for the Tea Partiers, then they came for the Jews http://t.co/0XJYlME9bj ->
  • When did Dennis Kucinich become a Fox News contributor? ->


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