A Week of Tweets

Posted By on May 6, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • How is it that I, an adult American male, don't have any duct tape in any drawer in my kitchen? ->
  • Dems love guns. No, really. Stop laughing. http://t.co/63SlFwijev via @rare ->
  • TANSTAAFL, idiots. // RT @TheDemocrats: 54 million Americans now have free coverage for preventative services. #ObamaCare ->
  • OK, Kismet, just because you're a cat and not a dog doesn't make farting any more acceptable. Knock it off. ->
  • RT @RGIII: In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness ->
  • Packet will eat food he has otherwise rejected if it's microwaved for a few seconds. The lesson: cats are weird. ->
  • RT @CuffyMeh: Give Carney a break. Benghazi recedes into the mists of time after you've allowed the 1st terrorist bombing on US soil since … ->
  • May 5, 1pm in North Carolina. It's 55 degrees out. Where is Al Gore, and may I deliver him a richly-deserved beating? ->


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