A Week of Tweets

Posted By on February 4, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • RT @killpundit: RT @joerogan This country has a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem and a tyranny problem disguised as a se … ->
  • Nuisance: FX airs last week's episode of Justified *after* the new episode. DVR = I can re-watch the previous, then the new episode. ->
  • OK, enough of this Twitter business for the night – time to immerse myself in "Justified" and "World of Tanks." ->
  • Good plan! RT @Ninjababe: Okay, off to strip mine the Sol system! #MassEffect2 ->
  • Is there a recent "thrust into the spotlight" celeb who's done as much good as Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger? I'm thinking not. ->
  • RT @hboulware: "Fixin' to" is appropriate Southern slang. "Finna-a-go" makes me want to smack you. That is all. ->
  • And communists. // RT @bob_owens: I'm against the world's most dangerous assault weapon. 55 million victims. Ban abortionists. ->
  • Oh good. Tornado watch. Huzzah. ->
  • I've been accepted into the clan… as a lowly recruit – 1st Cavalry Division http://t.co/Lro68G56 #WoT #awesomesauce ->
  • Who knew Swedes could rock so hard? Sabaton – 40:1 (2008): http://t.co/duzmJcNj ->
  • Had my first gang fight with 1st Cav ( http://t.co/cY4NDCBm ) tonight. I got clubbed like a baby seal. Or is that too insensitive? ->
  • Not at all surprised he shoots LEFT-handed. MT @PressSec POTUS shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David 4Aug12. http://t.co/uRCNS9EV in reply to PressSec ->
  • "Super Bowl Sunday is supposed to be a slow day at work!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (breathe) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (gasp) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (choke) ->
  • RT @HarryLarris: Puppy Bowl strategy. Grab any toy and run to any end zone. Sounds good to me. ->
  • Kismet is utterly enthralled by the #KittyHalftimeShow on Animal Planet. He *never* pays attention to the TV – that's usually Packet's job. ->
  • No contest. // RT @CnservativePunk: Paul Harvey wins the Super Bowl. ->


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