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Posted By on January 28, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • I don't care what the ads say, getting into college still requires skills other than skateboarding and graffiti painting. ->
  • OK, I can watch the Inauguration, or I can watch something else, preferably something edifying. Not a tough call. "Bikini Car Wash" it is. ->
  • RT @iowahawkblog: When it comes to Obama's relationship with the media, I can't tell which one is real and which one is the inflatable doll. ->
  • Kind of a lonely night tonight. Even the cats aren't pestering me. At least tomorrow I'll get to see other human beings. ->
  • Disaster. Kismet has learned how to open the tap on my 2.5gal water jug. Lost maybe .5gal (which made a pretty big puddle on the carpet.) ->
  • RT @Coach_Diesel: 50 mil dead anything is mind-boggling. 50 mil dead babies is earth-shaking,scary,pitiful,disgusting,selfish, heartless … ->
  • RT @smitty_one_each: .@rsmccain "No liberal ever died trying to destroy his country. He duped a schmuck into dying."–Gen. Goerge S. Pât … ->
  • Has anyone done more to damage the "English accent = smart & classy" brand than Piers Morgan? #tcot #2a ->
  • "Waffles were brought to America by Pilgrims in the 15th century." So much wrong with that, I'm surprised it wasn't on the History Channel. ->
  • Went to bed early (vet appt this morning.) Just woke up, could have sworn someone was pounding on my front door. Dreams: how do they work? ->
  • Even if Senator Durbin's name wasn't "Dick," I'm pretty sure that's what I'd be calling him. #taxonomyisdestiny #tcot ->
  • Was going to try a nap, but my legs chose today for one of their infrequent rounds of "Which Of Us Hurts Worse?" (The left is up on points.) ->
  • Another day, another Danny Kaye movie. Y'all better know the answer to "Choo Choo LaVerne is: …?" ->
  • RT @Doc_0: Breaking: Hillary Clinton playfully orders reporters to "kneel before Zod," 23 minor injuries reported in stampede to comply. ->
  • My awesome sister in law, getting her number retired: http://t.co/UMQJrCve via @youtube ->
  • You might think there could be some time of the day when you could say "it's too early for the cats to be such idiots." You'd be wrong. ->
  • RT @AnthonyBialy: An assault weapon is anything with a high capacity to scare liberals who know nothing about guns. ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: Yesterday: National Pie Day. Today: National Peanut Butter Day. Tomorrow: National Elastic-Waisted Pants Day. ->
  • I'm going to name my rifle "Abortion." I really want to see Feinstein try to ban that. #MolonLabe ->
  • RT @SarcasticRover: JJ Abrams directing the next Star Wars movie, titled "Revenge Of The Lens Flare" ->
  • "Just point on the doll where the bad man tweeted you." RT @ToddKincannon: .@TGDNexposed + @UniteBlue = #MakeTheBadManStop ->
  • Suits decide to block ping/trace *internally* on their network. At the edges, sure, but inside? Srsly? And they expect us to fix it? #geek ->
  • To whom it may concern: I'm good at what I do, but I am *not* The Amazing Kreskin. No clairvoyance, no super powers. Don't make me guess. ->
  • Y'know, I'm willing to kill to protect *my cats* from any who would deliberately harm them. Why would I do less for *my rights*? ->
  • RT @NathanWurtzel: Dear Mayor Bloomberg: A body of water in your city is so dirty it killed a dolphin in 8 hours. My gun has killed nobo … ->
  • Cold. 29° here in NC. Two layers of socks, sweatpants & shirt, and two cats stuffed inside my clothes. Stealing body heat works both ways. ->
  • #winning RT @scrowder: Nothing much. Just married to a model and gettin' busy on the regular. You? RT @PierceDrew: @scrowder sup virgin ->
  • RT @BreitTwit1: Liberals have convinced themselves the graves of 50,000,000 children are of no consequence to them. You are the conseque … ->
  • I need a girlfriend. Or rather, given my advanced years, a woman friend. A girl, that would just be über-creepy. ->


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