Posted By on January 7, 2010 at 3:07 pm

Yesterday I had to go to the dentist to get a broken tooth repaired, which is an extremely important procedure according to Simon from Authority Dental. On the way, I stopped to get gas.
While I was tanking up, a police car pulled up behind me; the officer gave me and my pickup the eye, and I assumed he was making sure my registration sticker was up to date. I thought nothing major of it.
I finished and drove off. As I was driving, I noticed another police cruiser following me. Since the route I took was all on surface streets, it was pretty obvious he was following me.
I was beginning to wonder if I had done something wrong.
As I left my town and entered the next town over, where the dentist’s office is, I noticed a police car from that town following me.
I was beginning to question my own recollection of possible crimes I might have committed. Nope, none came to mind.
Then, just as I was approaching the dentist’s office, the Emergency Broadcast System alert came over the radio for an Amber Alert.
Caucasian male… yep, that’s me.
6’7″, brown hair… me again, or close enough.
Driving a dark blue Dodge Ram pickup… me again. Uh oh.
Model year 1993… *whew*, not me.
For a minute there I thought about checking the back of my truck for a duct-taped child.
[I would not, by the way, crack wise about this had not the issue been resolved happily.]


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