The World Revolves Around Me

Posted By on December 15, 2007 at 9:06 pm

Yesterday, I became the definition of pure suckage.
Things were going well, really well — I’d been up much of the day, my head and neck weren’t hurting much.
Then, right after dinnertime, wham.
[No, I don’t mean WHAM! — things were bad enough without George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley showing up on my doorstep.]
I began to feel a bit dizzy, so I headed back to my bed. In the time it took me to cover that 20 foot distance, I was barely able to stand at all. The room was spinning around me, and I fell onto the bed and lay there motionless, begging God to make the whole house stop spinning.
I have had an ear infection-based case of vertigo in the past, and this felt exactly like that… except I didn’t have the pressure in the ear I associate with an inner ear infection. I did, however, have a fever and the sweats.
It was misery. I couldn’t sleep, and for about five hours, I couldn’t move a muscle without setting the entire state to spinning around me. Mom came in before going to bed herself, and did me the courtesy of locating a trash can next to the bed… just in case, if you take my meaning.
Around about 2am, what I was afraid would happen, happened: I had to get up to use the restroom. It was a rather short stumble from point A to point B, but I managed to come close to falling on my face about four times. By the time I made it back to my bed, the entire country was spinning around me.
I had to remain sitting up for a few minutes. My stomach had begun to rebel, and it was a very near run thing, I can tell you. I was certain I would not have been able to make it back to the bathroom in time.
Finally — perhaps an hour (spent mostly in Hell) later, I was able to lay down again with a reasonable certainty I wouldn’t be making any untoward messes on my bedroom floor. North America continued to whirl around my brain.
I was as miserable as I think I’ve ever been… and I’ve had gout, as you may recall. My head hurt; my stomach, while not exactly rebelling, was not happy either; I was running a fever; I was sweating like a Kennedy under oath. The Western Hemisphere rotated inside my skull.
Finally, sometime I think around 4am, my fever broke, and I was able to sleep.
So ya, I had a pretty crappy day. And if I ever act like the world revolves around me, well, maybe I earned it for just a little while.


5 Responses to “The World Revolves Around Me”

  1. cara says:

    oh my dear, i’m so sorry….i HATE dizziness perhaps more than any other sensation…it must have been just awful. remember we love you and hang in there!

  2. Maybe you need to pack some drywall mud in there.

  3. John says:

    Man. Is this a result of the surgery somehow (hard to see how if it’s an inner ear thing, but….)? Is the fever associated with an inner ear infection too? Most importantly, is it (not just the fever, but the vertigo) basically _over_?
    I think/hope/presume you let your doc know about this? I don’t know if you’re on antibiotics now, but if not, maybe you should be.

  4. Annoying Brother Brad says:

    Which way was the world spinning? Don’t you know you are just supposed to stand up and spin around the other way?

  5. Lamont Cranston says:

    Oh, man, I was SO there a few weeks back. Especially that whole “Oh god, I’ve got to get up to go to the bathroom.”