Ten Years Here

Posted By on March 8, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Saturday marks ten years of my blogging here.

Since beginning on March 9, 2003 under the moniker “TacJammer,” I’ve put up a few thousand posts, and had a bit over a quarter of a million views. Some people get that kind of traffic in a week.

But I never got into this with the aim of being one of the big guys. I’m far more interested in what other people have to say than anyone will ever be interested in what I have to say. Maybe that’s why I maintain my blogrolls, when a lot of people have given up the practice. Sure, there are some dead links there. They remind me of great folks whose thoughts mattered, and there’s always hope they’ll be back some day.

I’ve written reviews, made a stab or two at photojournalism, done political commentary, posted a lot of light fluff, and written perhaps way too much about my ongoing Neurological Unpleasantness.

And of course, there’s been plenty of cat blogging.

I’ve found over three hundred Quotes of the Day, some profound and some frivolous, but all worth sharing. I suppose it’s been the blog equivalent of a Twitter re-tweet.

Yes, I’ve had an Instalanche. Not my best work, but nevertheless it’s a ticket I’m glad to have had punched.

Far more important to me than that, though, is that small cadre of readers who have stayed with me through the years. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of meeting a few, as well as a few of my fellow bloggers. I’d like to think I’ve made some friends through this medium, and I’d surely like to meet more. Which, given my disability, probably isn’t going to happen.

But there’s always hope.

I may not be as prolific a writer as I have been in the past — times and circumstances change — but I’m not going anywhere.


One Response to “Ten Years Here”

  1. Martha says:

    It has been a pleasure reading your words of wisdom. Of course, your sense of humor is much appreciated.