Ta Daaa

Posted By on March 1, 2010 at 12:29 pm

It seemed like a bit of a sprint to the finish line, but last night everything came together, literally and metaphorically, and I was able to complete the Black Prince in a flurry of knot-tying, rope-coiling, and loose-end-trimming.

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Disaster was averted on several occasions, and I’m sure the longer I stare at it, the more things I’ll see with which I’m unhappy, but for the most part I’m satisfied with the quality of my work (recognizing, of course, the vast potential for improvement) and, more importantly, with the lessons I’ve learned which I’ll be able to apply to the next ship I build… which was rather the point of starting small, simple and inexpensive.
After it was complete, I noticed a couple of furry someones intently interested in a potential new toy.

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Bad kittehs. Bad, bad.
Next up… well, I’m not 100% certain yet. I have a few kits on hand; I think it’ll be the Mayflower, but I might go with the HMS Bounty’s Launch. I may have to flip a coin. In either case, I hope to do a better job of documenting the build.


One Response to “Ta Daaa”

  1. Everycat says:

    No such thing as a bad cat y’know. All cats are good, especially ones who have been given such an intricate and carefully crafted new toy. I’m sure Kismet and Packet are looking forward to both the Mayflower and the HMS Bounty too. Variety and abundance make for good cats ;)
    Wicked Wuudler