Silly Iowans

Posted By on January 4, 2008 at 2:54 pm

In the past, I’ve spent more than a little time working for Republican causes. My GOP bona fides can, I think, go unchallenged. I’m not a New York Times version of a “lifelong Republican.”

But this year…. Let me put it this way: if Huckabee wins the nomination, I’m out. I won’t vote for any of the Democrats, but there’s no chance I’d vote for Huckabee. Zero. I won’t lift a finger to help him.

We’ve already had one Jimmy Carter, and that was one too many.

We’ve already had one Arkansas governor in the White House, and that was one too many.

(See also: Frank J.)


One Response to “Silly Iowans”

  1. John says:

    But Russ, aren’t you an Evangelical? And so, poor, uneducated, and easy to command? And so a blind, if benightedly good-willed, follower of Rev. Huckabee?
    It is funny how utterly friendly the Democrats and the Times are being with him. Like a lamb to the slaughter….
    But OTOH, it’s easy to overdo attacks on him, too. He’s a very smart, very nice guy. I might like to have him for a pastor, or an advisor, or a press secretary. But this “just go with your heart” approach to policy scares me. I doubt a socially conservative “great society” would be dramatically less destructive than the left-liberal one 40 years ago. Nor do I think “the reason they hate us” (versus one of the excuses they may give) is because of Bush’s “arrogant bunker mentality”. (Unless Reagan had the same? etc., and without denying that Bush has done a poor job in general communicating, often via ignoring attacks and criticisms that should have been quickly and decisively rebutted.)