Post-electoral Shindig

Posted By on November 2, 2004 at 8:24 pm

Voting is done here in the east, so now all I have to do is tend the under-the-covers stuff at Blogs For Bush (where, amazingly enough, I happen to be the webmaster.) (And where, amazingly, the server has not completely melted, despite record traffic volume.)
Whether it’s a win, lose, or draw for Bush, I’m going to begin celebrating the freedom we all enjoy to choose our leaders.
That’s a 10-year-old Isle of Jura single malt Scotch whisky, about which I have previously written. Short version: gooooooood stuff. I wish I could find their 21-year-old. Maybe next time.
If I remember, I’ll take another picture of the bottle later — just to see how much I’ve drained.
Update: I like the way this man thinks.
Update 2: No, I have no idea what time the polls in Scotland closed, nor how they voted.


7 Responses to “Post-electoral Shindig”

  1. MarcB says:

    Thanks, Here I am stuck with Cutty Sark and you have the good stuff out :)

  2. INDC Journal says:

    Election Supplies Checklist

    That’s it. After you vote. Otherwise, you might get dizzy and accidentally punch the ballot for Nader/Camejo. And if Nader/Camejo wins, they’ll bankrupt the whiskey companies by raising the minimum wage to $15/hour and instituting their “consumer, env…

  3. Ith says:

    Nin has her bottle of Highland Park all ready to go.

  4. Retread says:

    I’ll trade you a taste of my MacAllan for a taste of your Isle of Jura.

  5. Russ says:

    Retread – that’s a deal. I’ve had a 10? 12? y.o. Macallan. Lovely.
    Even lovelier, it came with a mini-bottle of the cask-strength distillation. Magnificent.

  6. PiZero says:

    Hey Russ, I like the site. Probably because I was a 98C with 101 MI Bn 1 ID. We had a couple of TACJAM’s and I’ll never forget the OC at NTC who lost his radio because he parked next to one and went inside to see it work.

    Just wanted to comment that the MacAllan is the scotch served at DKE fraternity conferences (Bush is a Deke).

    I’m stuck with Virginia Gentleman (although it’s cheep, wine spectator gave it a 93).

  7. John says:

    We have a spanking new bottle of 35 year old Springbank CampbellTowne Single Malt flown in from London on Saturday just for tonight! It is good to have wiskey old enough to date.

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