I tried. I really tried…

Posted By on March 22, 2011 at 11:34 am

… But after many months and many attempts to make passable sails (I got so far as needing to order an extra supply of sail fabric) (which didn’t do me any good) I’ve finally given up. Thrown in the towel. Raised the white flag.

By way of compromise, I opted to make furled sails. At least, that might be what they look like, from a long way away, in the dark, while squinting.

all done

The problem is, I am absolutely useless working with a needle and thread. Sure, I can sew on a button… but sewing a straight seam, to scale, is beyond my capabilities. In fact, of the sails you see in the pictures, only the aft one actually has stitching, and only half of it, at that. The seams on the fore sail are drawn on with pencil.

all done

So with that, I’m calling the Bounty’s Launch done.

Next up: the Mayflower.


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