Posted By on May 28, 2007 at 10:57 pm

See the bottom photo here?
Double it. That’s what I pulled out of the smoker today.
And, daaaaayum, it is good… even if I do say so myself. I have absolutely mastered pork.
Now I have to work on my brisket skills.


4 Responses to “Eats”

  1. John says:

    Brisket rules. EOM

  2. Stander says:

    Now THAT is a fine-looking piece of ass. :O) Yowza!

  3. Ith says:

    Yummy! After we move to Utah, a smoker is one of the things I want to get. Expect me to pick your brain when the time comes!

  4. Whaddaya know, I did a BB on Saturday myself — much smaller, since I was only cooking for myself, my wife, and toddler, and because we’re poor as churchmice. It turned out ok, but I, on the other hand, have much better brisket skills than pulled pork. Oh, my ribs aren’t bad either.