Dream a little dream.

Posted By on May 13, 2011 at 9:46 pm

I’ve lately been re-reading my way through my set of Tom Clancy novels. I’ve finished The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Cardinal of the Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of all Fears, Without Remorse, Debt of Honor, and Executive Orders, and am about 100 pages into Rainbow Six.

It’s a regular Cold-War-a-palooza, and quite a useful reminder of the Bad Old Days of the USSR.* No matter how bad things might seem here and now, at least we don’t have the Soviets to deal with.

So, today I’ve been sick. Just before I logged into work, I started feeling a bit shaky, and within half an hour, I was running a 101-102° temperature and had the chills, aches, and lightheadedness that all seem to go together. I knocked out one customer problem, then bailed out and hit the sack. I’m not sure if I passed out or merely fell asleep, but I had the most unusual dream.

I was laying in bed; on one side of the bed was a team of American negotiators, and a Soviet team on the other side. The argument seemed to be over the volume of fluid permitted to be drained through my shunt and into the peritoneum. The US wanted 1.5 liters, the Soviet position was 1.0 liters.

I think they settled on 1.3 liters by the time I woke up.

I would appear to have an active dream life. I kind of wish I could remember more of the dreams I have.

I’m going back to bed now. Let’s see what happens.

* Look it up, kids.


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