A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on September 17, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Batch of bacon jam is complete. I'm pretty sure I rule, but how it tastes after it's chilled will be the determining factor. #
  • Today? Really? If it weren't for low class, he'd have no class at all. // MT @BarackObama The election is in 8 weeks. Sign up to volunteer. #
  • Hear, hear. // RT @jimmiebjr: I want an America that inspires love and gratitude in her friends and bowel-loosening fear in her enemies. #
  • It's long past time to adopt a foreign policy stance in the Middle East of "oderint dum metuant." And heavily arm our embassies. #
  • Attacks on our embassies ought to be responded to, starting with Claymore mines, escalating to cluster bombs and/or fuel-air explosives. #
  • This feckless Obama foreign policy is a danger to us all. Obama, Hilary Clinton, and that whole crowd all need to go feck themselves. #tcot #
  • The more I think about it, the more I want a POTUS who includes "world's prime creator of glassy craters" on his career aspirations list. #
  • #DescribeObamaInOneWord Sub-par. #
  • #DescribeObamaInOneWord Pseudointellectual. #
  • "I'm With Stupid" (arrow pointing up) #ObamaSweatshirtSlogans #
  • "I AM Stupid" #ObamaSweatshirtSlogans #
  • Sorry, but I cannot take seriously anyone not from there who pronounces Pakistan "Pock-ee-ston." Can't do it. #
  • My brother won his country club golf tournament. He's gonna be impossible to live with. Good thing I don't live with him. #


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