A Week of Tweets

Posted By on January 21, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • Thus Spake Russ: Quote of the Day – http://t.co/XijxTjNL ->
  • Obama to announce "gun plan" tomorrow at 11:45. I expect to be loading magazines by noon. #tcot ->
  • Stopped by the gun store. They were almost totally cleaned out. NO rifle ammo, and I got almost the last of their 9mm and .45ACP. Egads. ->
  • Do I have enough time for a nap before #Justified is on? 10 EST, right? Yeah, squeezing in a nap should be no problem if I start right now. ->
  • I should get all my evil-looking rifles Duracoated in pink. That way they won't be scary at all. ->
  • Tank! http://t.co/CgzYhWwn #ReplaceSongTitleWithTank ->
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Tanks #ReplaceASongTitleWithTank (They do – see: http://t.co/aMvunsHr) ->
  • I've spent the afternoon trying to strangle my cat. And no, that is not a euphemism. He's just an idiot. ->
  • "It was a dark and stormy night…." If he was talking about here & now in NC, the dude should have added "cold" to that list. ->
  • I have never once in my life tried either truffles or caviar. So what's the big deal? Anyone…? ->
  • Thus Spake Russ: Cat Guy – http://t.co/pYVv9YU6 ->
  • Ever have one of those nights? ->
  • Really want to go to sleep, but waiting for meds side effects to stop. Darned annoying. ->
  • That my office is directly above my (unheated) garage has become quite noticeable of late. Feels like the warmth is being sucked out of me. ->
  • Spent the last 2 hours chasing down a duplicate IP address. The things I have to do to keep you people and your internet happy…. ->
  • I'd like to go to bed, but Kismet is napping so peacefully on my lap, it seems a shame to wake him. I'm not just owned, I'm pwned. #cats ->
  • One cannot consider oneself a fully rounded adult if one has never seen "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Danny Kaye fully in genius mode. ->


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