A Week of Tweets

Posted By on December 31, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • RT @theleanover: The Shazam app has yet to give me Captain Marvel's powers :( ->
  • Dilemma: World of Tanks, or Red Dead Redemption? Decisions, decisions…. #gamer #geek ->
  • I'm beginning to believe that Daniel Craig is perhaps the best James Bond yet. ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Divine – http://t.co/lzTtVyn4 ->
  • The WW2 stuff… "harrowing," indeed. RT @MoRocca: Boy oh boy, this Charles Durning obit is quite a read! http://t.co/MoDAabZv ->
  • So, I had a mostly nice Christmas. Didn't get the one thing I wanted most: someone to spend the day with. Otherwise OK. ->
  • "Petard, one's own, hoist by." Sure, sure, petards are probably illegal to own in DC, but that shouldn't be a problem for @DavidGregory. ->
  • RT @CuffyMeh: .@DavidGregory will never hold up a high capacity petard on TV again. ->
  • RT @AnthonyBialy: You weren't doing anything dangerous with the magazine, @DavidGregory? Well, now you know how countless gun owners feel. ->
  • My 'a' key was stuck. I popped it off, saw the problem, so did the same w/ the rest of the keys. I got enough cat hair to make a sweater. ->
  • RT @mamaswati: @mitrebox ?I always feel like, a kittehs watching me. ? ->
  • RT @iowahawkblog: David Gregory can have and do illegal stuff because journalism. And because free speech. Also, because shut up. ->
  • Well, damn. RIP, General Schwarzkopf. ->
  • If any of you were wondering if I'd make it to the end of the year *without* another Night Of The Living Leg Spasms, the answer is "no." ->
  • Per the Science Channel, the average American eats 1.5 tons of beef in a lifetime. I manage that annually. ->
  • CA Senator Bitchstein had better understand: in the unlikely event her assault (read: "ugly") weapon ban is made law, I will *never* comply. ->
  • Wow, looks like Facebook is really crawling this evening. ->
  • No one asked me…. RT @mitrebox: Oh but as soon as the zombies get here then its all "Why didn't anyone have a gun?!?!" ->
  • RT @AmericanBand911: This one comes from a fellow far crustier than I, but I humbly submit that 'anyone worth shooting once is worth sho … ->
  • I've been successful at keeping the cats from unrolling toilet paper. They have, however, discovered the secret of paper towels. ->
  • It just occurred to me that Korean has become my "go to" cuisine – more, even, than burgers & whatnot. ->
  • RT @Beregond: Why do people hate civil rights groups? Why do some people talk about the NRA the way a Klansman spoke about the NAACP? ->


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