A Week of Tweets

Posted By on April 22, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • RT @PoliticsOfFear: WTF? RT @MelissaTweets: WTH? RT @joebrooks: CNN's Wolf Blitzer just speculated if anti-tax groups were behind the bo … ->
  • Events in # Boston just won't seem real until NY mayor Bloomberg blames things on the Tea party. ->
  • RT @KurtSchlichter: Some scumbag plants some bombs and we're supposed to be scared, to freak out, to cower? The hell with that. #USA ->
  • It wasn't all that many years ago that days like today happened every week in Israel. I know it, I just have a hard time imagining it. ->
  • RT @bob_owens: You know #CAIR wasn't involved in today's attacks by the fact they didn't start apologizing for it yesterday. ->
  • Boston is in Mass. Mass is a rite of the Catholic Church. Therefore, Opus Dei did it. #CSIChrisMatthews ->
  • Good. They ought to. // RT @NRANews: John Kerry: Guns in U.S. scare foreigners – http://t.co/dk84QorRea #NRA (via @Politico) ->
  • So it turns out Kismet likes guacamole. I have no point to make, I just felt I was long overdue for a mention of a cat. ->
  • RT @Doc_0: I'm so glad Robert Redford had the courage to bring us a movie glorifying bombers this year. ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Boston Bombing Speculation – http://t.co/EMsfDJ52qz ->
  • RT @bob_owens: I'm unveiling an alternative-alternative gun bill tomorrow morning. It consists of a single finger. ->
  • RT @rsmccain: Boston Bombing Speculation http://t.co/GrTWcEhP1n – via @RussEmerson | Obviously, it was @AmandaMarcotte! ->
  • I'm not really sure what underlaying medical reason might require ongoing use of catheters, but the TV ads make me want to buy them anyway. ->
  • Four of the best words ever uttered on TV: "… subbing for Sheperd Smith." ->
  • RT @bob_owens: CNN/CBS Suspect ID'd as dark-skinned white male female. Photo- http://t.co/dq7Fs5e8JE ->
  • We have a new litterbox. Kismet was fairly dancing with eagerness to try it out. Twice. ->
  • RT @Kiser: 90% of Americans want lower unemployment too but Obama couldn't manage that one either. ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Birthday Boy Kismet – http://t.co/DM8rlNBB2C ->
  • RT @KurtSchlichter: Ivy League students and faculty have murdered more people than all the Tea Partiers' assault rifles combined. #Caring ->
  • RT @gatewaypundit: Just wondering… Is there a #WeatherUnderground prof teaching at Brown University? ->
  • RT @rsmccain: YES: Reports are contradictory and confusing. This is what breaking news is like. By lunchtime, we'll know what actually … ->
  • MSNBC staffers are at this very moment scrambling to find a way to make Che Guevara a Tea Party icon. ->
  • RT @ljmabouttown: THIS. “This week is so bad that an Elvis-impersonating conspiracy theorist sent poison to Obama and THAT'S LIKE THE TENTH… ->


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