A Week, More or Less, of Tweets

Posted By on July 15, 2013 at 10:00 am

  • RT @PoliticallyAff: The #Obama administration isn't good, but #Egyptians love Americans #Egypt http://t.co/jmbk8HwexB ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: A Week, More or Less, of Tweets – http://t.co/W96KwlXTXO ->
  • @bob_owens Corey and Mike Nifong are gonna have to get together after this fiasco to compare notes, bruises, reamed sphincters. in reply to bob_owens ->
  • RT @IMAO_: The focus of modern feminism on consequence free sex does make it seem like it was designed by horny teenage boys. ->
  • RT @LawSelfDefense: #zimmermantrial Rumored: Nelson to consolidate jury instructions to read simply: "You must find the defendant, George … ->
  • RT @EWErickson: I repent. Watching Sharknado converted me into a believer that global warming is real AND it's going to be awesome. ->
  • RT @RBPundit: I mean, @MattYglesias once said lying is perfectly fine in order to advance an agenda, so is his being a dick really a surpri… ->
  • RT @yesnicksearcy: It's impossible to discuss anything with an ignorant dumbass. That's why I just ID them, ridicule them and move on. @RAS->
  • If it's wrong to have breakfast after 1pm, I don't want to be right. ->
  • @Ithildyn Well, hey – happy birthday! in reply to Ithildyn ->
  • RT @E_in_AZ: Watching the Left come unglued over the #Zimmerman verdict is both funny and disturbing. Such vitriol. ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: Crump owes the families of Emmitt Till & Medgar Evers an apology. ->
  • RT @jackmcoldcuts: Medgar Evers and Emmitt Till weren't wanna-be thugs beating the crap out of a dude. Disgraceful comparison to their trag… ->
  • These people keep calling Trayvon Martin a "child." I do not think that word means what they think it means. ->
  • RT @Malvenue: This case would have never made the news if #zimmerman's name was Hernandez. The press assumed he was white from day one due … ->
  • RT @GaltsGirl: Why is the DoJ involved in the Zimmerman case? Don't they have serial numbers to file off of guns in Mexico, or something? ->
  • Trayvon Martin was not a "young boy" or a "child" – he was a dope-smoking wannabee thug who tried to maim or kill #Zimmerman. Period. ->
  • @bob_owens It's not like stupid times two – more like stupid squared. in reply to bob_owens ->
  • If there was one thing proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the #ZimmermanTrial: the media are 99.44% cretins. ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: Don't forget the tampons. RT @baseballcrank: You know what will improve this situation? Giant papier mache puppets. And j… ->
  • If George #Zimmerman had only shot Trayvon Martin in the leg, *Martin* would be in jail now. ->
  • RT @misteratlanta: Spare me your tweets about America's disregard for Black life when you yawned at Kermit Gosnell. Now. Run RT that. ->
  • RT @JasonMattera: Libs keep talking about "justice" as they prejudged Zimmerman guilty before trial and now condemn him after trial. ->
  • @VodkaPundit So, is "straddling the mannequiin" the new "jumping the shark"…? in reply to VodkaPundit ->
    [Oops, typo.]

  • RT @CharlieDaniels: Chicago could use Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a couple of years. ->
  • RT @BrandianRoss: Temar Boggs is a hero! Bravo, young man. http://t.co/ii9eXpE9IS” ->


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