That Twitter Thing

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That Twitter Thing

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  • RT @iowahawkblog: Forget health care, I want insurance coverage for catastrophic government. ->
  • RT @brithume: Purpose of Obamacare: Insure the uninsured. Effect of Obamacare to date: Uninsure the insured. ->
  • RT @SteveWorks4You: Only six people signed up for Obamacare on its launch. Even the Heaven's Gate cult managed to convince 39 people. ->
  • Kevorkian's victims numbered in the 100s, Mengele's in the 1000s. How many millions will have cause to revile the name of Dr. Zeke Emanuel? ->

Just testing, nothing to see here

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Well, nothing much….

See? Told ya.


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The legendary comedian Jack Benny infamously (and jokingly, of course) claimed to be 39 years old until the day he died in 1974 at the age of 80.

When people (over the age of 21) lie about their age, they usually tend to do so by understating their age. Why they do so, I cannot imagine.

What would you rather have people think? That you’re older than you look? Or that you look older than you really are?

“39? Honey, you don’t look a day over 47.” That’s not exactly complimentary, if you get my drift.

I think I’m going to start claiming to be in my 80s. I’d like to be thought of as “well-preserved.”

A Month, or Thereabouts, of Altogether Too Infrequent Tweets

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  • RT @iowahawkblog: Stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks of us, and start making the rest of the world worry about what we t… ->
  • The cable box has been on the fritz for a week. Replacement is being brought tomorrow. I'm not sure I miss much on TV, except @RedEyeFNC. ->

Actually, I tweeted rather a lot more than that. But the software doesn’t like me.

A Week, More or Less, of Tweets

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  • RT @iowahawkblog: Report: Clintons mad at Weiner for harming their reputation; meanwhile, prostitutes embarrassed by link to Spitzer ->
  • RT @iowahawkblog: "Bill and Hillary are ashamed of you." – the sound of hitting rock bottom ->
  • Just because I haven't tweeted or blogged or updated Facebook lately doesn't mean I'm anti-social. Everyone needs a break from time to time. ->
  • As "bad leg days" go, this one is… extraordinarily bad. ->
  • Even feeling like complete crap (the legs…) I'm still working today. I think, though, I may check out early. ->
  • Oh look. The dumbest woman on TV – Tamara Holder – is on Huckabee. I have the TV muted, in case the dumbness is contagious. ->

A Week, More or Less, of Tweets

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  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Another Casualty of Obamacare – ->
  • RT @ExJon: Whenever he talks economy, Obama sounds like he's trying to explain to his professor why his term paper will be late. ->

Another Casualty of Obamacare

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Well, to be more specific, my doctor, the one I’ve seen ever since I came to North Carolina.

I got the letter. He’s done, out of General Practice, not going to deal with the Obamacare administrative B.S.

His secondary specialty that he will be doing exclusively in the future is, fortunately for him, purely cosmetic in nature, and consequently doesn’t rely on dealing with all the insurance nonsense.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” Just another lie from our esteemed Prevaricator in Chief.

If I ever decide to get hair plugs, maybe I’ll see that doc again someday. In the meantime, though: where am I going to find a new GP?

A Week, More or Less, of Tweets

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A Week, More or Less, of Tweets

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  • RT @PoliticallyAff: The #Obama administration isn't good, but #Egyptians love Americans #Egypt ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: A Week, More or Less, of Tweets – ->
  • @bob_owens Corey and Mike Nifong are gonna have to get together after this fiasco to compare notes, bruises, reamed sphincters. in reply to bob_owens ->
  • RT @IMAO_: The focus of modern feminism on consequence free sex does make it seem like it was designed by horny teenage boys. ->
  • RT @LawSelfDefense: #zimmermantrial Rumored: Nelson to consolidate jury instructions to read simply: "You must find the defendant, George … ->
  • RT @EWErickson: I repent. Watching Sharknado converted me into a believer that global warming is real AND it's going to be awesome. ->
  • RT @RBPundit: I mean, @MattYglesias once said lying is perfectly fine in order to advance an agenda, so is his being a dick really a surpri… ->
  • RT @yesnicksearcy: It's impossible to discuss anything with an ignorant dumbass. That's why I just ID them, ridicule them and move on. @RAS->
  • If it's wrong to have breakfast after 1pm, I don't want to be right. ->
  • @Ithildyn Well, hey – happy birthday! in reply to Ithildyn ->
  • RT @E_in_AZ: Watching the Left come unglued over the #Zimmerman verdict is both funny and disturbing. Such vitriol. ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: Crump owes the families of Emmitt Till & Medgar Evers an apology. ->
  • RT @jackmcoldcuts: Medgar Evers and Emmitt Till weren't wanna-be thugs beating the crap out of a dude. Disgraceful comparison to their trag… ->
  • These people keep calling Trayvon Martin a "child." I do not think that word means what they think it means. ->
  • RT @Malvenue: This case would have never made the news if #zimmerman's name was Hernandez. The press assumed he was white from day one due … ->
  • RT @GaltsGirl: Why is the DoJ involved in the Zimmerman case? Don't they have serial numbers to file off of guns in Mexico, or something? ->
  • Trayvon Martin was not a "young boy" or a "child" – he was a dope-smoking wannabee thug who tried to maim or kill #Zimmerman. Period. ->
  • @bob_owens It's not like stupid times two – more like stupid squared. in reply to bob_owens ->
  • If there was one thing proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the #ZimmermanTrial: the media are 99.44% cretins. ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: Don't forget the tampons. RT @baseballcrank: You know what will improve this situation? Giant papier mache puppets. And j… ->
  • If George #Zimmerman had only shot Trayvon Martin in the leg, *Martin* would be in jail now. ->
  • RT @misteratlanta: Spare me your tweets about America's disregard for Black life when you yawned at Kermit Gosnell. Now. Run RT that. ->
  • RT @JasonMattera: Libs keep talking about "justice" as they prejudged Zimmerman guilty before trial and now condemn him after trial. ->
  • @VodkaPundit So, is "straddling the mannequiin" the new "jumping the shark"…? in reply to VodkaPundit ->
    [Oops, typo.]

  • RT @CharlieDaniels: Chicago could use Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a couple of years. ->
  • RT @BrandianRoss: Temar Boggs is a hero! Bravo, young man.” ->

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