Good / Bad

| January 5, 2012

The good news — one goblin down, one under arrest. A young Oklahoma mother shot and killed an intruder to protect her 3-month-old baby on New Year’s Eve, less than a week after the baby’s father died of cancer. Sarah McKinley says that a week earlier a man named Justin Martin dropped by on the […]

OK, stop asking already.

| December 21, 2011

Look, just because I was a Korea expert 20 years ago doesn’t mean I have any useful insight into what’s happening in North Korea now after the long overdue death of Kim Jong-Il. The entire country is insane. Extrapolating from what I knew then is going to be of virtually no use now. So stop […]

The truth, concise and clear.

| October 7, 2011

Via Smitty at The Other McCain blog: Takeaway quote: So, who can blame the Israelis, today, for defending themselves as if they mean it, when they know they’re dealing with people they know they can’t trust, and who they know hate them enough to want to exterminate them as a people.

A Bit of Advice

| September 22, 2011

If Dick Cheney tells you your days are numbered, it would be wise to immediately make sure your life insurance premiums are paid up-to-date.

The Littlest Victims

| August 24, 2011

Such courage… it has to be seen to be believed. VIDEO: Exclusive Interview With Young Victim of the East Coast Earthquake UPDATE: Meet the Heroic Survivors My heart truly goes out to those youngsters.

Tell the truth, risk your job.

| June 30, 2011

Apparently, telling the truth at MSNBC is only one step removed from being a firing offense.

Former politician indicted.

| June 3, 2011

What is it about politicians, that they can’t keep their pants on? OK, OK, I know — it’s only a small percentage of them who exhibit the signs of Wandering Willie Syndrome, and yes, they’re more visible than, say, anyone else… but still. Now it looks like the ambulance chaser and former VP candidate, the […]

All Aboard

| May 9, 2011

Amtrak Turns 40…Called a ‘Massive Failure’ by its Founder Amtrak is: Government owned and controlled Union-operated, employing more than 20,000 workers Has a CEO appointed by the president of the United States Its annual budget is allocated allocated by Congress. What could possibly go wrong? You know you’re old if you can remember riding a […]

Brain matter, one presumes.

| May 2, 2011

Hot Air: “Can you imagine what’s on Osama bin Laden’s hard drive?” Actually, I imagine it’s rather a cornucopia of valuable information.

Quotes of the Day

| May 2, 2011

Oh, so many things could go here today. An editorial at the New York Post: Justice! The son of a bitch is dead. My feelings exactly. Next, a little bit of compare & contrast. Do you remember the announcement when Saddam was captured? Paul Bremer, the US administrator in Iraq, announced, “Ladies and gentlemen: we […]

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