Quote of the Day

| January 5, 2012

Ace, and the magic of language: From Triumph To Triumph: California Board Puts Kibosh On High-Rail Boondoggle, As Economically Retarded Their word. They actually said that. The report really said, “economically retarded.” No it didn’t. But in that one moment of doubt, a million possibilities existed. I created those possibilities. You’re welcome. Positively lyrical, that.

Our Humpty Dumpty President

| October 14, 2011

Apropos of my previous post, yes, I really do think Obama speaks in capital letters; doing so allows him — as with, for instance, the title of a piece of legislation — to apply whatever meaning he wants. “Rich” doesn’t necessarily mean “rich”; “Fair Share” most assuredly doesn’t mean “fair share.” “When I use a […]