| January 11, 2011

I’ll settle for subhuman. (Link via Insty.)

Where there’s smoke, there’s….

| October 18, 2010

Interesting article at the Daily Caller on the subject of electronic cigarettes: What’s so ridiculous about Katherine Heigl’s e-cigarette habit? E-cigarettes don’t burn anything, and the only “second hand” by-product is water vapor. I found more information here for those who are really interested. Yet, the usual gang of minding-everyone-else’s-business “public health” harpies naturally want […]

… and throw away the key.

| October 11, 2010

I spotted this story crossing my news feed this morning: One killed in Holly Springs collision. Having lived in Holly Springs, my interest was piqued enough to read further. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol charged Carla Romero, 20, of Angier, with involuntary manslaughter and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work

| September 24, 2010

Actor/comedian Stephen Colbert was invited to testify before Congress — in character — on the topic of immigration. Well, why not? After all, we once had the spectacle of noted scientist Meryl Streep testifying about the use of Alar on apples, based on her extensive experience in the field of toxicology. What lunacy inspired act […]

Best Chyron Ever

| July 14, 2010

Not news: Australian gets drunk, tangles with crocodile. News: and survives. I present this story only to highlight the best chyron I think I’ve ever seen: Click for larger.


| July 12, 2010

Let me get this straight…. Roman Polanski drugged and raped a teenage girl, and he gets off scot-free. Indeed, he is perpetually lauded by the glitterati, and is in no danger of ever being under-employed, if he should ever desire to work. He has his millions, and could in theory simply spend the rest of […]

Wow. Just… wow.

| June 4, 2010

This story about the doddering doyenne of the Washington press corps is stunning on so many levels: Far Left Media Darling Helen Thomas Tells Jews: “Get the Hell Out of Palestine… Go Back to Germany & Poland” (Video) It’s surprising — nearly unbelievable — that someone who’s spent pretty much her entire adult life being […]

Quote of the Day

| May 18, 2010

Jim Treacher, on Seth MacFarlane: He has every right to lazily and stupidly mock dead vets, and I have every right to tell him he should’ve made his flight. Me, I’d just tell him to go to Hell. After punching him in the mouth.

Why I left California: Reason # … well, I’ve lost count.

| April 5, 2010

I get the distinct feeling most of the smart people have already left; idiots are in charge, and the majority of the populace appears to be moronic enough to keep them there.

Racing towards a cliff, believing they can fly.

| March 10, 2010

At what point do we begin to see politicians hanging from lamp posts? I don’t know… but surely this [Flaming Skull alert is in effect] would take us one step closer.

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