Speaking of special occasions…

| March 1, 2004

There is justice in the world. LOTR:ROTK swept the Oscars… I think that calls for a celebratory tot. I’ll have to break out the good stuff. Good thing I stocked up on the single-malts last year – I have options. UPDATE, 12:40am: Oh, my. Among the acquisitions I’ve made is a nice 12 year old, […]

Emerson, Boozer

| February 27, 2004

It’s been many years since my typical alcohol consumption has been more than a beer or two every month or two. I’ve often gone months without cracking open a cold one. I just don’t feel a need to indulge. Yes, I used to do the typical “go out once or twice a week with the […]


| November 9, 2003

Long ago, Acidman had a bad experience with gin. Now, he’s on speaking terms with it, at least. Good. In 1988, I had just been posted to Korea, and our “op-tempo” was pretty high. From April until September of that year, our routine was to spend 3 or 4 weeks in the field, up near […]

Vodkapundit is on the job

| March 20, 2003

Stephen Green, he of VodkaPundit fame and (one hopes) fortune, is on the job tonight. I’m inspired – I think I’ll pour myself a glass of Knockando. And thanks, Stephen, for the linkage.

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