Work(station) in Progress

| December 6, 2012

So, the desk I ordered last week arrived much much sooner than I expected. I was thinking Wednesday, but it came on Monday. The afternoon and evening hours were spent hauling the beast up the stairs, one box at a time. As the total shipped weight was over 170 pounds, this was no easy proposition, […]

Fond memories

| November 7, 2012

My girl Mycah passed a year ago today. I still miss her, still feel the loss. Fortunately, I still have the lads.

Gotcha Day

| April 22, 2012

The calendar may say one thing or another, but around these parts, we all know April 22nd is Gotcha Day. Kismet and Packet have been with me for four years now, and I’ve loved every bit of it. And they clearly still love each other. Here’s hoping I have many more years with the lads. […]

Birthday Boy Kismet

| April 18, 2012

Today my little buddy, fuzzy boy Kismet, turns five years old. He’s so much like a kitten (except for his size – he’s huge) that it’s hard to believe he’s such an age. More tuna will be forthcoming today. I don’t spoil the lads much, do I?

Birthday Boy Packet

| April 11, 2012

My handsome fluffy lad turns five years old today. It’s kind of hard to believe. Tuna will be making an appearance later today… after the boys have their annual vet checkups.

Kismet’s Excellent Adventure

| February 22, 2012

Monday night was full of excitement for at least one member of this household. It was about 8:30, well after dark, when I went downstairs to retrieve a box that I knew was waiting for me outside my front door. As usual, the cats followed me downstairs. As I cracked open the front door, Kismet […]

Eight Years

| January 16, 2012

Today would have been Mycah’s eighth “Gotcha Day.” We — the lads and I — have adapted to life here without her. She was elderly, and her passing in November was somewhat expected, but when the end came I wasn’t even close to being ready for it. I still miss her every day, quite a […]

Lethal cuteness for the holiday.

| December 23, 2011

My all-time favorite: Luke chapter 2, verses 1-14, LOLcat Bible Version: 1 ‘Roun dis tiyem, Agustis Seezr wuz like, “I can has sensus?” 2 (‘Coz while Quirinius was Teh Boz of Syria, is invisible sensus!) 3 And all teh doodz went home for teh saying, “I iz heer!” 4 So Joseph went from Naz’reth to […]

Mycah, 7/4/1995 – 11/7/2011

| November 7, 2011

My special girl is gone. She passed quietly in her sleep. Update: Many thanks for all the kind comments. It hurts to lose her. But y’know, other than family, Mycah was the longest close “relationship” of any kind that I’ve ever had. So maybe the sense of loss isn’t so surprising.

The Perils of Cat Ownership, as Specifically Related to the Pursuit of a Hobby

| October 3, 2011

I started, several months ago, on the construction of the Mayflower. Shortly after beginning, I was rudely interrupted by a tax audit, for which I had to clear off the work table. Once the audit was complete and the table set up again, I realized I was having rather a lot of difficulty seeing what […]

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