Work(station) in Progress

Posted By on December 6, 2012 at 3:42 pm

So, the desk I ordered last week arrived much much sooner than I expected. I was thinking Wednesday, but it came on Monday. The afternoon and evening hours were spent hauling the beast up the stairs, one box at a time.

As the total shipped weight was over 170 pounds, this was no easy proposition, but hey, I’m an engineer, I figured out how to get the heavy boxes (any myself) up the stairs with no damage to any of the parties involved. You can see it’s no small item:

Those grey bars in that second photo are the steel support rails. This thing is massive.

The quality surpasses that of any piece of furniture I’ve ever assembled. The desk and shelf surfaces are incredibly solid – the heaviest density particle board I’ve ever seen – and covered with a thick laminate, not the paper veneer you usually see on assemble-it-yourself furniture. The steel isn’t just painted, it’s powder coated. This is definitely no IKEA tinker-toy project.

Naturally, as soon as I had the upper shelf installed, Packet had to claim it as his perch.

Not to be outdone, Kismet made sure to have a bit of a lay-down topside, too.

I have the beast mostly assembled now, but I’m still short a few of the cables I’ll need to get everything connected properly and neatly. Since I need my network connectivity for work through the weekend, I’ll not be finishing until Tuesday or Wednesday… assuming I ordered all the right cables.


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