A Week of Tweets

Posted By on December 10, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Woohoo! Just got a call from the carrier – the new desk arrives today. Not looking forward to lugging all the parts up the stairs, but hey. ->
  • Steeling myself for the afternoon – I figure 7 trips down & up the stairs w/ cargo will "do the trick." By which I mean, "wipe me out." ->
  • I've cleared out the space I'll use to assemble the desk. The cats seem confused by the change, but have begun exploring. ->
  • The Eagle… er, the desk has landed. Huge sucker. 5 boxes. Already schlepped the desktop (100lbs) up the stairs. Egads, that was hard. ->
  • I can hear Kismet (it's *always* Kismet) dismembering desk parts boxes downstairs. I suppose I ought to go flog him or something. ->
  • OK, groceries dealt with. 2 boxes of desk parts remaining downstairs. Sadly, my legs are all used up for the day. **Challenge Accepted** ->
  • Desk components: schlepped. My legs: utterly ruined. Spirits: high. That was a lot of lifting. ->
  • RT @BillyHallowell: RT if you choose Jesus Christ. ->
  • Some are saying Windows 8 is the worst OS ever – http://t.co/p5tkXdM8 – ORLY? Forgotten about WinME, the appropriately named WinCE, and Bob? ->
  • .@Pontifex already over 400,000 followers. Not bad for one day. ->
  • Oh, poop. I thought I had all/enough of the right cables for the new desk setup. Nope. Won't be able to finish until next week, I suspect. ->
  • Seconded. RT @VodkaPundit: @MelissaTweets John Ringo's "The Last Centurion." ->
  • RT @KurtSchlichter: I am a Conservative: Conservatism is hard b/c it requires you to take responsibility. Its reward is self-respect. Be … ->
  • The new desk hasn't even been finished, and Packet has already claimed the high ground. http://t.co/wXzdWPXW ->
  • That smug, self-satisfied feeling you have when you cut up a credit card? I haz it. ->
  • RT @CatsPolitics: My Three Sons Of Anarchy #DepressingSitcoms ->
  • Crosby #DepressingSitcoms ->
  • Room 666 #DepressingSitcoms ->
  • M*A*T*H #DepressingSitcoms ->
  • I've just blocked my first non-spambot Twitter user. If you side with barbarism over civilization, I'm not going to listen to you. ->
  • New blog post – Thus Spake Russ: Work(station) in Progress – http://t.co/9a6nxD5x ->
  • Since when do rockets need license plates? RT @Liberty_Chick: San Quentin inmates building satellite hardware for NASA http://t.co/gnJmRmOk ->
  • *sneeze* Uh oh…. ->
  • RT @SalaciousSully: Best. Tweet. Ever. RT @Lioneltext: Hello. ->
  • I think I now have all the cables to move everything to the new desk. But I have to wait for my work week to end. So, nothing 'til Monday. ->
  • I love hearing those Three Little Words from a customer: "you were right." ->
  • Utter, total, complete agreement. RT @sarahbellumd: @ExJon i hate the commercial where she counts. i want her to fall off her motorcycle. ->


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