Who is Brett Kimberlin, and why does he matter?

Posted By on May 25, 2012 at 11:00 am

Sunshine, as they say, is the best disinfectant. It’s therefore long past time that more light was shed on the story of Brett Kimberlin, his unsavory associates, and his high-roller sources of funding.

Thus today’s blog effort: Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin.

I could say a lot about who Brett Kimberlin is and what he does, but so many others have covered that territory rather well already. A few choice links:

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In short: Brett Kimberlin is a convicted terrorist and perjurer. Having served only a fraction of his 50 year sentence, he has now become a serial abuser of the legal system, filing lawsuits against anyone daring to mention the fact that he, Brett Kimberlin, is in fact a convicted terrorist…

… and so much more. If this doesn’t send chills down your spine, I cannot imagine what would:

» Patterico’s Pontifications » Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism

Unbelievable. And yet, in a world where evil exists, all too believable.

One might be tempted to think that far-left moneybags continue funding Kimberlin specifically so that he and his cronies might do financial, career, and legal harm to people on the right side of the online political divide (though he has also targeted at least one blogger on the left side of the aforementioned political divide.)

Brett Kimberlin and his ilk have become a boil on the buttocks of the body politic.

I used the word “evil” a minute ago. I meant it.

So: why does Brett Kimberlin matter?

He really ought not to matter, but the reason he does is simple: people of each and every persuasion must be free to speak Truth without fear or hindrance. Brett Kimberlin routinely and viciously threatens those who speak the truth about him.

The 1st Amendment protects our speech from government interference. What protects us from criminal interference? The law ought to protect us, though it is clearly failing to protect Aaron Walker, courtesy of an uninterested Maryland State’s Attorney.

And what protects any of us from other interference? If no one did anything, any one blogger could become a virtual Kitty Genovese.

But by standing together, those who speak the Truth are saying, one to another, “I’ve got your back.” And to those who would harass, troll, or intimidate, it says: “Bring it, you candy-ass cowards.”

In short: a little bit of this:

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=-8h_v_our_Q width=900 height=506 anchor=thumb imgwid=300 imgheight=168]

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  1. weird that you linked “an ex-con’s view” I helped make him a con. ;D

  2. Russ Emerson says:

    Interesting. Well, he certainly seems to have cleaned up his act – and he appears to be contrite about the whole thing.