Mexico is finished.

Posted By on December 12, 2010 at 4:08 pm

My cousin Judy and her husband David have lived in Tampico, Mexico, for something like 20 years. They went as missionaries, and support themselves by ranching.

With the spread of narco-terror violence throughout Mexico, we here have become increasingly concerned about Judy and David’s well-being.

Today we heard from Judy’s sister — short version: Judy got out, and David is the last American remaining in Tampico.

I’ll quote her email in full.

I just got off the phone with my sister, Judith. She escaped Mexico early Saturday and is in the USA at my brother’s home. PLEASE pray for the safety of her husband, David, while he is still there and then his safe passage sometime this week. He is expecting to fly the ranch’s small plane to join his family, but, he cannot leave until a bit more business is handled. Their accountant was kidnapped last week and Judith and David are/were the last Americans in Tampico — everyone had already left. The narcos are DEADLY serious about pursuing sources of money and are not above any means to get some. Fortunately, their 3 kids (senior in college, senior in high school and sophomore in high school) are at USA schools and are very safe. Judith wasn’t able to get out many possessions and has no idea if she will ever see their Tampico home/belongings again. They will work on locating housing and employment after Christmas time. They are thankful for God’s protection thus far and ask us to continue to pray until David is safely in the USA.

Lots for which to pray! Please pass this along to all of your prayer warriors.


Mexico is doomed. I hope the Powers That Be here realize we’re about to have our own hemisphere’s version of Somalia on our border.

Monday update: Cousin Judy adds:

The accountant has been released. He was just tied up and blindfolded for four days, and hit. But, he was released [Sunday.]

Update, 12/24: David made it out a couple of days ago.


2 Responses to “Mexico is finished.”

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve changed my mind. Leave the Middle East alone, they’ve been killing each other for centuries and we’re not going to be able to stop it. Let’s nuke Mexico and get it over with.

  2. Brad says:

    Au contraire, mon frere…..
    The Mexican bad guys are just getting started. There are plenty of Mexicans in Mexico that don’t like whats going on, but they haven’t done anything about it so far. As a student of human nature, I can assure you that it could get lots worse before there is any sort of “vive le resistance” against the powers that control Mexico. Mostly the regular folks who aren’t directly involved in narco-extortion-terror-murder have no economic or ethical stake in the game, and so they just try to live their ordinary lives. And such is the way that injustice and evil lives. The only thing keeping Mexico from becoming Somalia is that many of the kingpins view there territory and activity as a business, and they want to maintain some level of normalcy to keep their cash rolling in. There certainly seems to be no great moral hue and cry coming from government or church leaders excoriating the bad guys and calling on their fellow Mexicans to go to war – which will mean for some laying down one’s life – for the good of country and kin.