Instant Message Excerpts: On Being a Network Engineer, 18, part 2

Posted By on October 10, 2012 at 9:44 am

Not long after the earlier conversation, a followup from my teammate.

Biff(4:34:42 PM): you were serious?
Russ(4:34:58 PM): about…?
Biff(4:35:25 PM): about learning Latin, I mean. want to be a priest?
Russ(4:35:33 PM): heh. not hardly
Russ(4:35:59 PM): I’ve always been a linguist at heart.
Russ(4:36:07 PM): And I love the classics
Russ(4:36:26 PM): I’d like to read them in the original Latin
Russ(4:36:58 PM): Virgil, Augustine, Aquinas, etc.
Biff(4:37:12 PM): cool. a bit beyond me
Biff(4:37:27 PM): what about Japanese? customers…?
Russ(4:38:31 PM): I always thought it would be neat to see “The Karate Kid” in the original Japanese

[long pause]

Russ(4:40:46 PM): yes, that was a joke
Biff(4:41:15 PM): I was hoping
Russ(4:41:44 PM): I actually meant “Godzilla vs Megalon”

Do I really need a reason to want to learn another language or two?


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