A Week’s Worth of Twitter Updates

Posted By on August 27, 2012 at 10:00 am

  • Oh, *there's* that lizard Kismet captured and brought into the house… two months ago. Ick. #cat #goodcatcher #poorkeeper #
  • That happened. // RT @IMAO_ Did I dream it, or did a woman once charge a Democrat president with rape and Democrats didn't really care? #
  • I had to order new checks from the bank – surprised to see the "Always Out Front" crest was available as a graphic. http://t.co/3kn0Lcha #
  • Oh hooray, my day is once again interrupted by the sound of a cat – somewhere I can't identify – expelling a hairball. #
  • Wait a sec… they're re-doing "Judge Dredd" already? Hollywood really *is* out of ideas. #
  • Want to get meta? Check this great master-list of Twitter lists for TV/entertainment created by @Lady_Aleena : http://t.co/x7UkbFxI #
  • I finally beat back this strep-like throat infection… and NOW I get the cough/sneeze/sniffles. Grand, just grand. #
  • This: "you can now assume that Obama operatives are presumptively to blame for any disturbances." http://t.co/ojsNl8s3 #tcot #
  • I understand how GOOG works. I know they can – and do – "put their thumb on the scale" for the Left in search results. #tcot #
  • Oooo, are we playing "name the synonyms?" // RT @VodkaPundit: Crap. Huck. #
  • ICYMI: Thus Spake Russ: An almost perfect 2012 campaign theme song? http://t.co/lNM2OoPF #tcot #
  • In 2008, McCain brought a spork to the gunfight. In 2012, it appears Romney is bringing an M65 "Atomic Annie." #tcot #
  • I don't know how he does it, but Kismet the Menace has somehow managed to wipe out my PC desktop configuration. #cats #geek #
  • We have to wait until *next year* for a new season of Justified? This is so, so, so very wrong. #
  • Just in case you haven't been paying attention, @AceofSpadesHQ is *en fuego* this afternoon. #
  • The media and the Left (I repeat myself) and idiots like Bloomberg will never *ever* get this, but it's true. http://t.co/YPDwfrwz #
  • Huckabee… *click* #


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